Doug Weas Withdraws from WFB President Race

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Just got this email from Doug Weas:

I've decided to drop my effort to run for Village President. I learned over the last few weeks that I'm much more guarded of my personal space and time than I had thought. The commitment required to do this job properly is beyond what I'm able to commit at this time. I will be contacting Katie Pritchard to see if she can find a place for me on the CDA which will allow me to push for the kind of changes I think we need...

Maybe the blog interview pushed him over the edge! 

Well, that's a shame. It's always good to have two candidates for one position, as it makes both of them work harder to gain every vote.   There is no doubt that Katie Pritchard was a well known and formidable candidate. 

Honestly, I was not looking forward to writing an endorsement for that race.  Prichard has done very well in the past six years.  Weas would have brought an aggressiveness to Silver Spring's redevelopment that is badly needed.  Hopefully, he can do so through volunteering his time and talent to the CDA.

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