Aurora Clinic in Talbot's/Famous Footwear Silver Spring Location??

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I received an email tip from a loyal reader with information that there is a rumor (unconfirmed, at the moment) that the landlord for the Talbot's / Famous Footwear parcel is having conversations with Aurora about putting an Aurora Clinic in that location.

While a clinic isn't the worst idea in the world, it clearly won't help Silver Spring's redevelopment.   It's about 15th on the list of things to put on Silver Spring. 

This will bring up the Eminent Domain issue again, as this is probably the most important piece of SS's new beginning.  To squander it on something that won't help would be a huge blow.

I got word back from the Village Manager .. his comment is that the village has "no application" (for permit) for that parcel.    -- So, either this is a bogus rumor, or simply in the very first stages before the landlord contacts the Village.

Time will tell.

Update:  The email I received suggested contacting the Village and/or the Trustees to let them know what you think about an Aurora Clinic going in.   At this point, I'm not sure that would have much impact, since as far as the Village is concerned, no notification has been received.  Best to let your thoughts be known when there's some official word that it is even being considered.

Additionally, this has made me think that WFB needs some sort of metric in deciding what goes in to that most important spot.   A series of line-items that can be scored.  Here's my draft.  Feel free to leave comments with other line-items.

Graded on a scale of 1-10 .. and of course, not all questions would be equally weighted.

1. Unique: Would the new business be a unique addition to Silver Spring, in a sector that is currently unrepresented?  (For example, a new bank or movie theater is not unique, and not needed.)

2. Customer Count: How many customers would the new business draw through its own doors?  (i.e. A gas station would draw quite a few customers.  A vacuum repair shop would not.)

3. Customer Spillover: How many customers would the new business draw to OTHER businesses on Silver Spring?  (A gas station, nor a repair shop would not draw customers to any store but their own.  A retail or restaurant type store could, in that, some customers may be browsing or lingering after their visit.)

4. Regional Reach: What is the regional reach of the new business?  (A barbershop would generally draw customers from a small, 2-3 mile radius.  A boutique with specialized goods could draw for dozens of miles.)

5. Night-time Effect: Would the new business "turn night into day"?  (One element of rebuilding a depressed retail community is to bring customers to the area not only during the day, but also at night.)

6. Enthusiasm: X-Factor - Would WFB residents be excited about the addition?  Would they support the new business?

Any other factors?  Comment below!

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