iPic is iSteep

Bayshore, Fox-Bay Cinema Grill

The "iPic" movie theater, bowling alley, bar, and restaurant complex opened up last month at Bayshore.  

I get the bar.  I get the restaurant.  With the old "Echo Bowl" being replaced by Walgreens in Glendale, I get the bowling alley.

I don't get the movie theater.  Or rather, I can't fathom the price.  $15 a pop, so $30 for a couple.

For $30, you get a movie, reserved seating, popcorn, and valet parking.

Absurd.  First, reserved seating is hardly a benefit.  It could be, if you intend on showing up at the last moment, but for most of us, we like picking out our own seat while in the theater.   One variable is who is in front of you, left, and right.  Don't know that if you're picking your seat before you get there.  With $15 seats, I imagine many empty seats and room to spread out.

Valet parking?  The drop-off is INSIDE the parking structure.  What's that going to save you, 30 steps?  Those are some expensive steps, plus you'll probably end up tipping the valet.

Ok, you get popcorn.  That better be some delicious, delicious popcorn, served in sterling silver bowls with a personal usher, ready to spritz each handful with butter.

There's a better option 3 blocks away.  It's called the Fox-Bay Cinema Grill.  Two tickets and a large popcorn will run you $21 .. 40% cheaper.  Ample parking in back.  Plus, you can have drinks and food while watching the movie.

One can imagine the iPic's prices are so high to prevent the theater from becoming like Mayfair's theater, with its real (and perceived) youth crime problems.  Here's my bet.  A year from now, with a huge of every iPic movie showing going empty, they quietly lower prices to a reasonable rate, and hope for the best.




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