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There are two open spots for Whitefish Bay Village Trustee for the April 2008 election, and currently, exactly two candidates.  I've been told incumbant David Fee is indeed running again, and as interviewed last week, newcommer Julie Siegel has filed papers for the other open spot.  Additionally, Katie Pritchard, the current President of the Board, will also be running.

While all are good candidates, I strongly believe that competition is necessary for democracy to function well.  3 runners, 3 winners is not a race. It gives citizens no chance to compare and contrast, and pick the better woman or man.

There's time left for someone else to step forward.  I've done some leg-work for you, and found that the deadline for filing is January 2, 2008.  However, you do need to submit a Registration Statement before you can get the ball rolling.  Below are the rough steps, but be sure to contact the Village for the exact rules.

  1. Go to the Village Hall and pick up a packet .. here's the links to most of what you'll receive:
    * Ballot Access Checklist EBIS-7
    * Declaration of Candidacy - EB-162
    * Campaign Registration Statement - EB-1
    * Nomination Paper for Nonpartisan Office EB-169

    * Here's the Election Admin Manual for Candidates
  2. You need to submit the Campaign Registration Statement before circulating nomination papers. 
  3. You need a paltry 20 nomination signatures of Whitefish Bay residents.  Of course, you should get more, just to be on the safe side.
  4. Get it in to the Village Hall by 5pm on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008.

So .. do you have ideas on how to fix Silver Spring?  Have something to say about our zoning rules?  Historic preservation or tear-downs?  Care about WFB's infrastructure and parks?  Ideas on public safety, or tax rates?  

I know the holidays are right around the corner .. but 20 signatures is a piece of cake.  You've gotta know 5 neighbors on your block, easy.  That's a10 signatures if there's two adults in each household.  Linger around Winke's, Sendik's, or the Library, and you're bound to find 10 more friends, willing to sign.

Bring it by my house, my wife and I'll sign it.  I'm in the book!

Now's your chance to share your voice and lead.

If you're not interested .. think about who might be.  Forward this article to them, and ask them to think about running.  There's time left.

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