Bayshore a flop?


I was at work the other day and the topic of Bayshore came up with two of my co-workers, both women.

Neither lived close, but had visited Bayshore.  Both didn't like it, one said she'd never go back.  Both preferred Mayfair.

Honestly, that came as a surprise to me, as so many in our area do indeed like Bayshore.   I've been there 20 odd times since it opened last year, and it always appears brimming with activity.  That being said, my concerns were echoed by my friends, that the layout was troublesome. 

Generally, they didn't like the "town" aspect, with clusters of stores on "city" streets.  It takes too long to get from one store to the next, and for 4-6 months of the year, they didn't want to be walking around outside.

Can't say I disagree.  While Bayshore has done a lot of things right, and has a clean, interesting architecture that's certainly garnered acclaims .. its functionality is not for everyone. 

It boils down to how you want to shop.  Some are browsers, some are purchasers.  If you're a browser, wandering a mile at Bayshore may be a delight.  If you're a purchaser, with something specific in mind, Bayshore and its meandering layout is a pain in the butt.  I admit, I am a purchaser.  I'm guessing there's some gender stereotypes that go along with that idea.

In the end, I believe Bayshore would have had more customers and higher revenue if they'd stuck to the traditional mall format, and not pushed away people who find the theme irritating and stay out.

Would it have been as pretty, "modern", and "town centery"?  No.  Would it have appealed to a greater crowd, willing to drive a few miles to shop, and sucked more people away from Mayfair?  Yup.    I don't think it's a flop, judging by my anecdotal visits, but it clearly isn't optimal for all.

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