BBB Restores Credibility with New Rating System

For years the Better Business Bureau has been little more than a stamp of approval which businesses could purchase for a fee.  Finally the BBB is making some changes and I'm hopeful that these changes will be substantial and credible.

Last year they changed their termanology for businesses so they could call themselves a Better Business Bureau Accredited Company.  Still, that didn't mean much.  Either a company was accredited or it wasn't.

Now, the BBB has come out with a rating system where companies will be graded based upon performance and customer feedback.  Now, and I'm hopeful that this isn't just in theory, a great business will receive an A+ while others can get varying grades all the way down to F.  Businesses who get complaints will still be able to respond to those complaints and do everything in their power to make their customers happy.  Unfortunately, in the real world, everyone won't be a happy customer but that's not always the fault of the business.

This is a huge and necessary step for the BBB and, if they follow through as I expect them to, they will reestablsh themselves as the key consumer reporting agencies.

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