Darling Robocall uses Liar / Adulterer to smear Wasserman

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I just received a robocall (recorded message call) from State Senator Alberta Darling blasting away at State Representative Sheldon Wasserman.

The crazy part is who she chose to do the talking -- it was the discredited Republican mouthpiece that infects our local radio airwaves, Charlie Sykes.  As I listened, I found myself asking, why in the world would Darling choose a man who decided that an adulterous affair was more important than his wife and his own children?  Why, oh why, would I give any credence to this same man who has been blasting away at Obama for this William Ayer's thing that we all know is untrue?

Judging from the lawn sign pairings out there, Darling is already in trouble.  She can't get anyone to put up a sign that doesn't already have a McCain/Palin sign up.  Now she is actually spending money so that she can make these automated calls using the words of a known adulterer and liar to attack Wasserman.

I'm sorry but as a man, I think it's deplorable that Sykes would put his own physical urges ahead of his wife and his children.  To me, family is important and clearly, it is to Wasserman, a father of three, also.  Why Darling would cast aside family values to throw her lot with an adulterous liar is beyond me.

I understand that Alberta must be frustrated.  Her political journey has taken her from being moderate to being an extreme neo-con and despite this transformation, she still doesn't have the reputation of being an effective State Senator.  But isn't there a time and place where she can just look at the positions she has given up and the good people she has left in her wake only to find her new political bedfellows just aren't worth it?  What kind of political epitaph does she want associated with her years as a legislator?  Really, how much integrity will she continue to toss to the wind? 

This recent attack on Wasserman is just really, really sad.

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