Al the Plumber Supporting Obama

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I don't know a lot of plumbers, but when Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain evoked the name Joe the Plumber, it didn't mean a lot to me. Apparently, according to McCain, Joe is a simple guy who worries about tax increases and apparently McCain believed Barrack Obama's plan would hurt Joe. 

Well as it turns out, Joe isn't a licensed plumber after all. To top it off, Joe is a tax scofflaw and he's behind on paying his taxes -- turns out Joe isn't such an honorable guy.

But that's another story.

Here in Wisconsin, Al the Plumber, owner of Al's Discount Plumbing, is concerned about the economy -- so much so that he's supporting Barrack Obama. You see, plumber Al Knapinski is having a tough time finding customers who want work done and he's not making $250,000 a year. That's the amount of income that anyone would have to make in order to experience a tax increase under an Obama administration.

Hat Tip: Channel 4 Reporter Ty Milburn who interviewed Al Knapinski.

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