McGee Verdict on Heels of GOP Attorney Scandal

When you're in the private sector, when you land a job it's usually because you were the best candidate -- either that or you knew somebody and had an "in".

Unfortunately we've come to find out that all US attorneys and all of the people on their legal teams were picked for their partisan credentials and no one who could have been seen as being liberal was considered for the jobs.  Anyone who was or had at anytime been involved in environmental law or conservation or other causes deemed liberal was simply eliminated from the pool of applicants.

Some of the best legal minds in America were disqualified because of a perceived liberalism.

That's just corrupt.  Just when you think that Republicans can't get any dirtier, now we find the Bush administration eliminated some of the best and the brightest because they weren't their partisan pals.  The whole lie about weapons of mass destruction still hasn't stopped stewing for me.  Now Team GOP is using my tax dollars to fund inferior fighters in the Department of Justice.

Absorbing this whole thing is mind-numbing maddening.  Here's a draft dodging President who happily teamed up with shadowy groups to bastardize our campaign finance laws and smear two Vietnam war veterans -- one who was a war hero, to further his own political career.  He used cronyism so he didn't get in trouble when he didn't show up MOST of the time while in the air national guard.

Does it shock any of us, are any of us stupid enough to think, that when you put a man like that in a place of power that he's not going to continue the same cronyism and corruption of the system that served him so well?

So US Attorney Steven Biskupic, who took over a year and a half to build an open and shut case which included recordings implicating former Alderman Michael McGee, should be lauded for getting a guilty plea?

You're kidding right?  You're friggin' kidding me!

Let's have a parade for the man.  We could build a few floats.  Give him the keys to the city!  Put a statue of him to put in front of a legal library.  We can call it a Monument to Mediocrity.

Celebrating Biskupic's win in the McGee case is like throwing a party because your first try at baking a cake didn't suck.

Now that we know that US Attorney's and their staffs weren't picked for qualifications, but rather for partisan beliefs, how do we know Biskupic was the best candidate for the job?  We don't.

Now don't get me wrong, I think McGee was guilty as sin but will I laud a guilty verdict that took over a year and a half to come to?  No.  I must be one of those "flaming liberals", a brand Republicans are so fond of tossing about, who believes that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are actually meant there to protect our citizens.

And one of those rights, by the way, is the right to a speedy trial.  No where in those hallowed documents which formed the foundation of what our country is supposed to be all about, can I find the right to a government job in the Justice Department because you're on Team GOP.


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