GOP Radio Talker on AM620 Mocks Ted Kennedy After Cancer Diagnosis

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Offensive.  Outrageous.  Inexcusable.

That was my reaction when WTMJ AM620 talk radio host Michael Savage decided to play a "Dead Kennedys" song when he announced that Ted Kennedy had been diagnosed with brain cancer.

As a person who has lost a close relative to brain cancer I can tell you it's nothing to be joked about.  Brain cancer is a ruthless cancer that destroys a persons motor functions and robs them of the ability to speak.  There was nothing funny about seeing my uncle Don rot away from the inside.  He was a vibrant man who in his youth was athletic and very active.  There was nothing funny about seeing him shuffle about and it wasn't hilarious to see lose his ability to speak or to see him drooling in the latter stages of his cancer.

It's been over ten years since I lost my uncle Don and now Senator Ted Kennedy will likely face that same decline.  Perhaps Savage doesn't understand the ravages of this disease.  Savage was not funny, he was just cruel.

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