Time Warner's Inexcusably Bad Service

Consumer Alert, Time Warner

It started out as a whimsical idea -- buy a high definition flat screen TV's so I could watch all my favorite action movies on a significantly bigger screen.

I called Time Warner to get an upgrade to the HD service and DVR.  I was sold on their "all the best" package.  That's when the problems started.

I had "blocking" on the TV which means the picture is made up of large, slow changing blocks instead of pixels.  The phone wouldn't work which was especially distressing since I dumped Vonage because Time Warner had such a great price and aside from losing the feature of voicemail sent to my email box, I didn't anticipate losing functionality.  What I wasn't expecting was that I would have to spend multiple hours on my cell phone (since the "All the Best" phone wasn't working) to get their reps out to fix the problems.

Then it got worse.

A service rep was dispatched to my house to fix the phone.  Without asking, he drilled right through my new $12,000 vinyl siding job which I had just had installed this fall.  Apparently it's a Time Warner requirement that there's a box mounted to the outside of the house.  Having dealt with Vonage for a year without any such box, I was irritated.  Be forewarned if you're going to make the mistake of going with Time Warner's "All the Best" package, you should watch the rep while he's doing the install and stop him if he pulls out a drill unless you're ok with drilling holes where he's going to drill those holes.

The installation guy could have asked.  There were several places the box could have been placed that would not have been out in the open.

I called Time Warner to complain.  What could be done?  Well let's face it -- pretty much nothing at that point.  The damage had been done.  I have to live with Time Warner's screw up and every time I pass that stupid little box on the outside of my house that could have been discreetly tucked away, I shake my head.


So what did Time Warner do?  They sent out a guy to look at the box.  It was one of their subcontractors -- Prince something or other.  I wasn't sure what the purpose of their visit was.

A week later I get a letter from Prince whatever-their-name-is.  "We deny your claim" they said.  What claim?  I didn't file a claim requesting anything.  What did they think I was asking for?  I wasn't asking for anything and didn't even know why they were sending out a person to look at the siding.

This is the epitome of poor customer service.  They denied a claim that I never filed.


I can't say that I'm a customer that could have been thrilled after they drilled through my $12,000 siding.  What they could have done is make it so I wasn't fire-spitting mad.  I don't treat my customers like that and I expect the same level of service that I provide.  When I see problems, I look for solutions.  Time Warner chose another path -- they followed up inferior product service with inferior customer service.

Shame on Time-Warner.

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