As we scan back in American history, people whose perspective was right-wing or conservative or fundamentalist were usually people who had a more privileged or comfortable existence.  Their selfishness proclaimed conservatism at its core because they wanted things to remain just as they were: with them in their comfort zone.  This meant that sharing was not at the center of their thought or living.  So, what they viewed as threats to their selfish, comfortable world were: taxes, equality, help for the needy or poor or unfortunate, immigration, people whose color or ethnicity was "different," sharing, rights for everyone, guaranteed healthcare, etc.  Almost an endless set of excuses were formulated to preserve the status quo at any "price."  The "general welfare" was considered socialistic talk and below the favored class.

To protect the people of means or the major ethnic or racial groups, we fostered a strong military.  With a strong military to preserve the advantage of the wealthy in America, they got to keep and hold onto their privilege AND spending huge sums on the military meant industrialists and their ilk would have their palms greased further.  To question any of this was considered "UnAmerican" or "unpatriotic."  And so it goes.

Crumbs were thrown to the masses to keep them quiet.  The 40-hour work week, child labor laws, etc. came about in the U.S. only after brutal labor fights.  But big industry had it pretty much its own way.  It was not limited to America, and the German industrialists like Krupp and the chemical companies stooped to any low level to preserve and foster their own favored position, even if it meant putting a crude dictator like Hitler or Mussolini into power.  In the U.S., when the masses of people were suffering from the Great Depression of the 1930s and began to rise up and elected Franklin D. Roosevelt and his more left-wing programs to save them, the fascist mentality of Ford and DuPont and others schemed to stifle this rise of the poor and needy.  DuPont plotted to overthrow FDR and establish a military-fascist state in the U.S.   Henry Ford supported the early activities of Adolf Hitler, and the Ford Motor Co. in Germany received preferential treatment as it helped to build Hitler's army.

The current economic debacle brought about by greed-capitalism and greedy capitalists is now threatening the economic system in the U.S.  Enter a black president to save the white capitalists mistakes.  Greed-capitalism has over-stepped its bounds and things are spinning out of control.  Because Obama is introducing programs to save the American economy much as FDR did, he is also being labeled a socialist.  During the last election Obama's patriotism was called into question because he did not always wear an American flag on his lapel ...much like the Hitler core wore the swastika on all clothing.  It was a right-wing ploy to discredit Obama.  Other silliness arose to smear him: he didn't always put his hand over his heart when the national anthem was played, or his name indicates that he may secretly be a Moslem terrorist, etc.

Reality, sanity, and a fair society will emerge in the United States when we get over these silly and very dangerous attitudes.  We are all in this together.  All Moslems are not dangerous.  Immigrants are not killing our society.  Minority races have proven themselves to be intelligent and equal to majority groupings.  Healthcare is right that all Americans should share in equally.  We have to clean up our military-bully image worldwide.   Sometimes taxes are a good thing, especially when needed to save an economy almost destroyed by greed-capitalism.

It is a time for all Americans to feel the oneness of a society so rich in natural resources, education, talent, and the recipient of gifts beyond measure.  This means ALL Americans.  Join me as we climb out of the mess from the Reagan-Bush years. 

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