It was George W. Bush who proposed, and obligingly received from a Republican Congress, a federal government bail-out of banks, financial institutions, etc.  It is Barack Obama who is called a Marxist and Socialist when trying to do the same.  The big difference: Democrats crossed the aisle to help Bush, the Republicans won't do anything to help Obama.  The other BIG difference: it was the Bush administration that caused this financial melt-down.  Greed-capitalism has failed us.  And Obama has been stuck with the bill; and with Republicans in Congress who show their cooperation and patriotism by voting in unison against whatever Obama proposes.  Republican agenda: do not allow President Obama to succeed.  Republican agenda item #2: take the easy route and predict failure about everything...and then ensure that happens.

The Bush administration inherited a federal budget surplus when it took office.  Think how far we have spiraled downward since then.  And all the financial failure was done in secret.  Calling bank bail-outs in 2009 an act of socialism is amazing, considering that there were over 400 bank failures and bail-outs during the Bush administration!  Where was the cry from the conservatives then?  What is further amazing is that the Bush administration [and a prior Reagan administration] gave huge corporations like banks and financial companies the most favorable federal playing field imaginable and they still could not succeed over the graft and greed.  What kind of financial CEOs are capable of this much failure?

To the Republican Party politicians: stand up for America, show some degree of cooperation in trying to solve the immense problems your Party gave us.  It is time to be an American, not someone who invites failure and like a little boy, throws names out like video game bombs.  Grow up!

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