The modus operandi of the neocons, fascists, right-wingers, bigots, etc. is becoming clear.  First, make some general statement about warning that Obama will not be able to solve the problems facing us.  Then remain silent.  And when success by Obama is not immediately forthcoming, say, "I told you so."  

It is amazing that for 8 long years of lies, budget deficits, illegal invasion of a sovereign nation, alienating most of our nation-friends, ignoring the UN, giving no-bid handouts to corporate buddies, savaging the environment,  conducting secret energy meetings, torturing prisoners, holding people for years without charging them, sending troops to Iraq with inadequate equipment, stopping budgets for adequate vets' benefits, embarrassing the U.S. over and over, ruining healthcare and retirement programs, offering primitive solutions to education problems, hiding the president's background history, continuing the Bush family special contacts with Saudi royals, spying on innocent U.S. citizens, and causing a horrendous economic disaster, NOW the right-wingers want a fix for all this in months if not in days from Obama.  Absolutely amazing. 

Tell these critics to take a hike.  We are in for a major overhaul of the U.S. system.  And that includes all aspects of it.  We will have to allow for it to take time.  From Reagan to the present, terrible things have been done to the U.S.   To straighten the ship will take nothing less than President Franklin D.  Roosevelt's New Deal programming.  This is extensive work.  The damage has been extensive.  It reaches into every aspect of American life, even the right-wing mythology of buy-buy-buy and drive us into debt.  There is another kind of capitalism that is more humane, and more akin to social democracy.  We are going to have to abide lots of screaming in our ears by those who benefited by greed and cheating the populace.  We have been lied to by the right-wingers.  Oh, it sounded so good, didn't it?  How does it look now?  

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