Imagine the reason two presidents were put on trial, and then further imagine why George W. Bush escaped that.  President Johnson's trial was a trumped up action, and so was President Clinton's trial.  Clinton's private life is none of my damn business, just as George W. Bush's horrible private life is none of my business.  But his direct actions as president ARE the business of every American.  These actions have not only been atrocious and sometimes even inhuman, he has lowered the esteem and reputation of this nation.  Compare how Clinton's private acts and Bush's official actions reflected on the nation and how it is viewed in the world.  Clinton still carries respect and honor internationally, Bush does not.

George W. Bush illegally invaded a sovereign nation, Iraq.  The claim that he was given faulty C.I.A. information is bogus.  From the very beginning many of us who know the background and make-up of the Middle East screamed that he not invade.  He lied to Congress and the American people.  Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.  Iraq is a sovereign nation.  If we wanted to free people who were abused by a dictator, why didn't we invade nations whose atrocities against their citizens were at least as horrible as Saddam Hussein's: North Korea, Burma, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Batista's Cuba, Somoza's Nicaragua, Marcos' Phillipines, etc.???

After our illegal invasion of Iraq, the Bush personal agenda began to play out fully.  He gave Halliburton billions of dollars in no-bid contracts, and hundreds and hundreds of millions of those dollars have disappeared and been unaccounted.  Of course sleazy Dick Cheney just happened to be CEO of Halliburton immediately before becoming VICE president.  And the hundreds of billions of dollars of special gifts went to the oil corporations, businesses related to the Bush family's history.  And more billions went to give pharmaceutical corporations special privileges that allowed them to supply drugs to the American market without competing for prices.  The same sleazy Dick Cheney held secret meetings with energy corporations to divide up the spoils of providing highly-inflated-priced energy to American citizens.

Personally, the most serious offenses were the secret rules that allowed torture of innocent citizens.  We shall never know how many of our citizens were tortured, nor how many people of foreign citizenship were tortured, but almost daily we hear reports of people that had this nightmarish experience because of the actions of the Bush administration.  It is difficult to even write this about a President of the United States.  Today I heard an interview on NPR from a Canadian citizen who was taken from a stop over at a U.S. airport in New York City; the C.I.A. sent him to Syria of all places where for a year he was tortured for no legal reason.  He was said to have been to Afghanistan, but it turned out that man had never been to that country.  And this torture and confinement was done without charging him officially with anything.  Guantanamo is loaded with people who have been confined without being charged.  We cannot even bring these people to the continental U.S. to be imprisoned because the Bush administration would have to face our laws.  Gitmo allows them to circumvent the law.  We have no idea how these people are being treated.  Now a couple of the men there are saying they want to plead "guilty" to indirectly helping in 9/11.  These men at Gitmo want to force the U.S. to execute them.  Why?  Because the world would be further horrified.  That's  how bad it is at Gitmo.

Space does not permit me to list the long list of atrocities, inhuman orders, secret spying, ad infinitum that has been done by the Bush administration.  Compare this to Clinton's lying about oral sex.  Where is our sense of proportion?  Put George W. Bush in the dock.  Charge him and give him a trial that he has denied to people, who unlike Bush, were innocent.

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