No matter how the Obama presidency plays out, the Karl Rove-type critics are waiting for his first slip.  And if a slip does not occur quickly enough, they are loaded for bear to create their own interpretations on everything, and to hell! with real events or history.  The anti-intellectual right-wing, now whimpering like spoiled brats, will continue on endlessly.  Here is how they "see" what is playing out...

George W. Bush, though sinking around 26-28% approval ratings, is still beloved by the right-wing and is only being criticized by liberals.  A-hem.

Though the illegal Iraq invasion will produce no possible "success," Obama will be blamed when that country most assuredly falls apart.  Iraq had no chance from the beginning.  It never was a unified nation.  It may struggle with survival for awhile, but it will sink into wretchedness until some strong tyrant takes over again or it dissolves into three entities.  There can be no justification for the U.S. invading Iraq.

After 9/11 the nation unified remarkably behind President Bush.  Unfortunately, he led us in the wrong direction, lied to us, invaded a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 9/11, weakly went into Afghanistan where we had some claim to invade, lost sight of bin Laden, totally goofed up the Middle East, did not pay attention to Israeli-Palestinian problems, made wild and stupid statements about nations that did not agree with us, lied to Congress, continued to lie to the American people, took off the last remnant of restrictions on banks and corporations and caused a horrible economic mess that started with Ronald Reagan's policies, criminally influenced the democratic elections of 2000 and 2004, angered our staunchest allies, screwed up our energy problems horribly, distorted the Dept. of Justice and judge selection, gave welfare handouts to oil corporations and pharmaceutical corporations and military corporations, ignored needed veterans' benefit increases, allowed the infrastructure of the U.S. to crumble, created a large American mercenary army to "supplement" our regular military, ran up astronomical federal budget deficits, ad infinitum.  And this miraculously horrible administration's actions are to be blamed on liberals by the right-wing.  Amazing but true. 

While we are mired in a horrible war in Iraq, understaffed in Afghanistan, and facing an economic crisis that even a right-wing president had to turn to socialist measures to try and straighten out the mess the right-wing created, the Obama critics will shout about the failures to solve all these things quickly.  The Bush administration had absolutely no clue what to do with the mess they created but their right-wing followers will demand Obama fix things now!

To a large extent, we shall have to put up with these juvenile rantings.  But let us hope there are enough true Americans who will see the importance and benefit of uniting together to overcome the anchored mess of the right-wing.  It won't be easy.  What we need now are maturity and intelligence, and not the spoiled screams from the right-wing.  Someone will have to find a pacifier to put in the mouths of the neocons until adults work at solving the problems.  Today we should be a joyful America. 

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