How in the world could we allow a man who never held a regular job, covered up his raunchy-checkered past, was not elected by the people of the U.S., lied to us over and over and over, invaded a sovereign nation without provocation, will leave Iraq only to have it splinter apart, gave special favors to his greedy friends in corporate America, connected personally with the head of some of the sleaziest companies in America [most of which have gone belly-up], ...how could we allow this man to dismantle the greatest economic engine in the world and take away our leadership position globally?

George W. Bush has made the U.S. look like a population of greedy bumpkins.

Have we learned nothing from this tribe of hypocritical money-grabbers?  Are we gluttons for punishment considering four more years with John McCain?  Is there no alarm clock that will wake us?

Our economy is in the dumpster, thrown there by unregulated corporate stealing.  Our invasion and occupation of Iraq can have no good ending, it will disintegrate as soon as we leave.  Afghanistan is sliding into chaos.  And Americans continue to lose their lives in the Middle East as our debts pile up for those wars and our economy tumbles.  When our president speaks, nobody listens.  The terrorists are winning, and George W. Bush has been their best recruiter.  The long history of U.S. world leadership is gone with the wind.   We are a pariah nation that is hated worldwide. 

Your children and grandchildren will be paying the price for the greed and selfish mistakes of the Bush administration.  Meanwhile, some will still believe that Bush is for family values, for the principles of the Prince of Peace, etc.  Sad, very sad. 

Addenda: Please, this is a blog, not a forum, not a chat, not an email, not a dialogue, not a personal communication with others, ad infinitum.  So far all the questions asked of me have been addressed directly and specifically in past blogs, past speeches in Europe and North America, radio and network TV interviews, things I have written elsewhere in periodicals, etc.  There are myriad ways to get your own opinions out.  Please do not expect me to give you personal attention.

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