Lost in space: Feingold and Kohl

I am tired of accepting the ineptitude and lack of spirited results from the two men in the U.S. Senate from Wisconsin.   Their records in the Senate are far below the standard set by previous Wisconsin elected officials in that prestigious body.  Compare the hole this state has in the Senate.  Where are these men, compared to LaFollette, Nelson, Proxmire, etc.?

When these guys do surface, their lack of insight and understanding is horrible.  I can still see Senator Kohl sitting on the panel that approved Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court.  He was AWOL when it came to confronting this horrible candidate.  Actually, Senator Kohl's time in office has been characterized by: nothing.

The man lauded by some locally as a progressive voice in the U.S. Senate, Russell Feingold, is equally undistinguished.  He sat in the same Senate chamber for years with John Ashcroft, and still voted to approve him as U.S. Attorney General.  John Ashcroft is a right-wing kook who was voted out of office by the people who knew him for what he was, his own constituents.  How could Feingold approve this goof?  Ashcroft covered up the bodies of the statues because they were considered, not art, but an embarrassment to his warped sense of propriety.  Ashcroft's actions as A-G were so sick that he had federal judges ousted simply for holding views that were more progressive than his own sick opinions.  Ashcroft's staffs were brought to testify many times for their questionable activities,  Finally, even George W. Bush, a man of few morals or ethics, could not abide Ashcroft and dumped him.

It is time for progressives and people who have the interests of the people in Wisconsin at heart, to demand that Kohl and Feingold become proactive, to do something constructive.   And when Feingold spent more press time lauding John McCain than Barack Obama, and yet said he supported Obama, it became time to call him to task.

These two key positions in Washington are far too important than to allow two dolts to sit idly by and watch the Bush and Cheney agenda sweep this nation into the gutter.  Where have you been for the last 8 years, Kohl and Feingold?

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