Jesus and the Second Amendment

Exercising His legal rights, Jesus of Nazareth walked into a gun store today to purchase a weapon He planned to conceal in His robe.  Claiming there were lots of robbers on the road, especially those horrible Samaritans, Jesus felt He had a right to protect Himself.

Strange?  You bet it is!  But to listen to conservatives you would think that there is some kind of halo in possessing a gun.

"A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy." -Benjamin Disraeli

But hypocrisy is not limited to conservatives.  Gun ownership demands cover the political spectrum.  And hypocritical politicians who support gun rights most passionately are often passionate in parading their "Christianity."  But if one reads the Bible's accounts of the life of Jesus of Nazareth it is very hard to imagine Him being a gun advocate. 

Everyone is a "law-abiding citizen" until the gun discharges.

"Hypocrisy -- prejudice with a halo." -Ambrose Bierce

If you advocate for any kind of gun control legislation in America, some "brave" cowboy will come out from the woodwork and chastise you as un-American or un-Christian or un-whatever serves his purpose.  

"Show me the man who doesn't want his gun registered, and I will show you a man who shouldn't have a gun." -Homer Cummings 

Where will all this gun craziness end?  Haven't we had enough killing?  Haven't we had enough people shot by friends who thought someone entering their home in the dark was a robber or rapist?  When do we start to put the nature of Jesus of Nazareth into action?  Guns do not solve anything.   Period.

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