Local TV: spare us silly weather overkill.

When we are scared into watching a TV station by its ignorant hype about weather, it is time to take issue openly with the stations.  Please stop!

Yesterday a program was interrupted twice to have a weatherman come on and warn us about a pending rainstorm...specifically it was mentioned that there was no hail, no strong winds, no lightening, no tornadoes.  Then why butt into the TV program and show us a front that will be producing rain?  Do we have to be warned that it will rain?

Oh, that local TV stations would get out into the community and dig to find corruption, lack of dedication to elected posts, pay-offs from business and industry for elected official's votes, lies, bigotry, ad infinitum.  These things are rampant in any large metro area, but recent experience has shown that pay-offs and corruption are all too common here [in spite of the clamor that the McGee case was a big exception].  Why weren't TV news departments on this evolving story sooner?  Were they too busy building a case for scare weather procedures?  

For those of you who absolutely have to know about every little weather detail, check the National Weather Service, very available to you in other media and other venues.  It is more accurate anyway than the contrived "forecasts"  by some weather dolt on TV. 

What has happened to the demise of news journalism in the U.S. is alarming.  We used to set a standard for the world's press to try and emulate.  Today we have advertising and hype followed by real news gathered by some other service.  Check out the BBC to see how news gathering and reporting should be done.  We fail in the U.S., and we fail miserably.  Americans are among the poorest informed people in the industrialized world.  But we know about rain! 

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