Bush & Conglomerates put U.S. up for sale.

 If you think you are simply experiencing the demise of the U.S. because of a dolt in the White House, think again.  This is a plot that has been conceived and refined at least since the 1930s.  It's just that we never had such a for-sale guy with no morals or ethics residing in the White House.  And George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, showed the lineage that would bring a nation with democracy since 1776 to the brink of a fascist, corporate-dominated state.

In the 1930s the head of the DuPont family contacted General Smedley Butler, twice a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, to help several major corporate players in their attempt to overthrow the U.S. government and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Fortunately, General Butler would have none of it and the plot was made public, but never prosecuted.  The idea behind these corporate leaders was to follow in the footsteps of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler and establish a fascist state that was owned lock, stock, and barrel by big business.  Hitler himself had been aided greatly by American corporate leaders, especially Henry Ford.  In fact, the Ford Motor Company continued to turn out trucks for the Nazi German army long after the U.S. entered World War II.  But Ford was not alone in selling out his American heritage.  The Chase Manhattan Bank remained open in Europe during the War to do business with Nazi Germany.

Slithery Prescott Bush, grandfather of our current U.S. president, ignored the Trading With the Enemy Act passed by the U.S. Congress in World War II, and secretly arranged to make a fortune for the Bush family by trading with Nazi Germany.  Among the big money makers for the Bush fortune was oil from Saudi Arabia.  The Bush family coziness with the Saudi family goes back for many decades. 

So as the Bush administration continues to rack up astronomical budget deficits, the military-industrial complex in the U.S. along with petroleum companies are racking up equally astronomical profits.  And many of the profits by huge corporations in and out of the U.S. are aided by the signing of no-bid contracts where money is pilfered in the billions of dollars.  Now Iraq is being encouraged to sign an oil treaty in which only certain oil companies will drain huge profits from Iraqi oil without signing binding, bidded contracts.  The Iraqi citizens are outraged, and well they should be.  Some  of the government leaders of Iraq are in on the deal.

Meanwhile the dollar is in a death spin downward, the stock market is tanking, people are losing their homes, gas is making immense profits for oil companies, and slowly-but-surely the United States is headed for bankruptcy which will result in the country being owned by global corporations.   All the rest of the news is b.s. and beside the point.  You are losing your country.  It has been planned since the 1930s.  Fascism is here, folks, it is here now.

For historical facts, check: books "Trading with the Enemy" and "American Swastika";  and SEARCH ENGINES for Prescott Bush, bush.nazi, bush-thyssen, General Smedley Butler, and many other historical sources.  These are facts.  Look it up!

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