USA stolen by Americans

Who do you think that is peeking out over the fence of that gated community?  Yep, your fellow Americans.  In case you haven't noticed, you are quickly losing the America you were brought up to believe in.

The America you are looking for can be found in the Cayman Islands, or at a $15,000 seat at an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, or drinking a $6.00 cup of coffee at a coffee shop, or lost in a 8,000 square foot house on some hill.

Where you THINK your America is can be found sacrificing his or her life in Iraq, or complaining about taxes for those lousy immigrants, or advocating for concealed carry laws.  However the NRA cannot bring back your America.  It was lost to big media, big drug companies, big war companies, religious hypocrites, politicians for sale, and insurance conglomerates.  And it ain't coming back as long as you allow these greedy bigots to have their way. 

Howard Zinn, Amy Goodman, and many other white commentators and authors have been burning the U.S. with revolutionary rhetoric for years [thankfully].  But along comes a black preacher who is the pastor of a black candidate for president, and you would think the sky was falling.  The Rev. Jeremiah Wright continues to draw and pack his church because his message resonates among African American people and others who know what has been done to minorities and poor people for centuries here.  And let's not forget what we did to the people who lived here before the Europeans invaded.  Talk about unwanted immigrants!  At least many Mexicans have some Native American blood and have a semblence of right to call this their country.  We stole much of it from Mexico anyway [after we stole the rest from the Indians].   The arrogance of European-Americans in insatiable.

And so what now constitutes what is left of "our" America is now led by the military geniuses, Bush and Cheney, who never found a war they couldn't run away from...unless, of course, others fought it.  When you complain about high gas prices, when you complain about budget deficits, when you complain about lousy healthcare, when you cannot properly live on your shrinking income, just do me one favor, please.  Check on the history of George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush.  During World War II he befriended Nazi Germany and Saudi Arabia. and made a fortune in the process.  The Bush family, including our president's father, still make tons of money because of their business and personal relationships with Saudi Arabia.  It was not Iraq or Saddam Hussein who brought down the World Trade Center in New York; it was a group of Saudi Arabians!  And who did we invade at the cost of tens of thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars?

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