Alternatives to corporate-controlled media...

We are bombarded with commercial media that totes the magnificence of capitalism, and in essence presents a right-wing story that it announces as "news."  Network TV has short-changed us, and has cut back on its formerly respected journalism.  The same goes for right-wing shlock on radio, and corporate-serving print media.  All these sources have become standard presentations in what passes for news these days.   It is anti-intellectual to the max, and would rather tell you hyped stories about corporate messiahship than present news.  Younger people have no idea what real journalism is, and certainly know nothing about objective and responsible reporting.  Nothing is done in depth anymore.  And progressive ideas are totally unknown.  Here are some other voices...

The BBC radio and television still maintain reporters worldwide, and give about the most balanced news reporting that is now available in major media.  It is not as good as it might be, but it is the best for now.  The same goes for the New York Times and the Washington Post daily newspapers: good for now, but could be much, much better. 

PRINT PUBLICATIONS: The Nation, In These Times, The Progressive, Mother Jones, Z Magazine, and a hidden treasure in Minnesota: Worldwide WAMM [Women Against Military Madness]



If you have other suggestions concerning media that is not just a mouthpiece for our growing fascist-capitalism, please let me know.  I will be happy to do further blogs with other listings. 

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