How Bush & Cheney benefit from Iraq War

Put the questions you choose in the list that tries to explain why we entered the Iraq War when there were no weapons of mass destruction there, no link to bin Laden, no threat to the U.S.,  and lies used to justify this amazing mistake.   But there are other, more sinister questions that we should be inquiring about. 

What two men in the U.S. seem to benefit most from our ongoing failures in Iraq?  Consider, please, that before Dick Cheney became Vice President, he was the CEO of Halliburton Corp.  No corporation has taken in more money related to fighting the Iraq War than Halliburton.  And billions of dollars were not only given to Halliburton without any bid process, they have squandered untold billions that have vanished into thin air.  And if you know anything about history, you know that the Bush family fortune is tied to Saudi Arabia and the Saudi family.  Our current president's grandfather, Prescott Bush, made many millions by arranging illegal oil sales from the Saudis to Adolf Hitler.  Remember, then, that the majority of the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were from Saudi Arabia [and so is bin Laden].  Bush's oil corporation buddies are reaping record-breaking profits in today's oil market...contrived oil market...and so are the Saudis.

However, the following intricately documented phenomenon tells an even more insidious story about the Bush-Saudi connection and the Iraq debacle.  After the Twin Towers came down, the Bush administration did two things immediately: 1) they grounded ALL air flights for Americans and foreigners, EXCEPT...2) Saudis were given free passage out of the country.

Need I write more?  Do you still honestly believe that the American incursion into Iraq was to protect the U.S.?  Do you still believe that all the Bush lies to get us to invade Iraq were somehow just stupid strategy?  Do you think that the largest American corporations and the Bush family would never collude to risk the lives of tens of thousands of American military for selfish purposes?  Who benefits most from the Iraq War?  Why is the Bush family [including President Bush #1] so extremely close in business and personal dealings with the Saudi family?  Who represented the most serious threat to Saudi Arabian safety other than Saddam Hussein who was taken down by the Bush administration?  Why did the Bush administration lie to Congress, the United Nations, NATO, and the American people about going to war in Iraq? 

Final question to the American people: are you still awake? 

This is a very serious subject.  If you want to begin the study and find out how the U.S. has a long history of fascism and similar corporate projects, read: WAR IS A RACKET by Maj. General Smedley Butler, a Marine general who was twice a rrecipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.  He was asked by du Pont and others to participate in the overthrow of the U.S. government and establish a fascist-like state in the U.S.   You can't make this stuff up.  Read, study, find out.


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