own a gun/dress like a ***: insecurity & immaturity

There are many ways that adults lead youngsters astray.  This includes parents and their children.  People who have all the necessities of life and live in the comfort of safety like to lecture parents of poor children in trouble.  White conservatives like to tell parents of troubled youth that they should be more responsible in their parenting.  Yet, these same comfortable conservatives introduce guns into their lives and the lives of  their kids.  These same conservatives place a premium on material things and their kids either learn that dressing expensively is good or dressing like a materialistic *** is cool.

Those who love to judge minority parents might consider what race almost all serial killers are.  And they may also want to consider the race of the airhead celebrities who have everything [Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, etc.].

It would also be well to consider what race the people are who got us into the horrible mess in the Middle East.  This group of spoiled-brat neocons came from "good families."  These are the political parents who find it easy to talk about the innocent civilians killed by the American war machine as "collateral damage."

I am always amazed how the most violent race in history [Caucasian] likes to judge and lecture the races that have suffered most from the atrocities of the white do-gooders.  White slave-owners and their descendants lecturing the descendants of black slaves.  Peculiar and sick, actually.

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