Huckabee, a conservative with a heart?

Methinks Huckabee is more in keeping with the basics of the older Republican Party.  Huckabee gives evidence of being a thinking human being.  The others are simply warm and breathing.   Rudy G. cannot be nominated by that party.  And, like it or not, Mitt Romney is a Morman, and all those Christian Conservatives put their tolerant Christian compassion and understanding aside when it comes to politics.  The current Republican Party is about as much Christian as George W. Bush is.


It looks as though Hillary is slipping badly.  Obama is rising.  And that makes sense only if you think Oprah has any clue about needy people [see Oprah's South Africa debacle].  Just because Oprah has high TV ratings does not qualify her for intelligent evaluations anymore than TV's popular NASCAR drivers do.  Of course in today's American culture it is the "intellect" of Wikipedia that counts.  That's America today.  No intellect, no background, no insight, no objectivity, no culture, no wisdom.  So, when we choose our presidents we should expect a boob like Bush to be elected.  It's only natural.


My personal preferences in the presidential sweepstakes would be in order: Kucinich, Edwards, Obama.  But Kucinich has no chance, Edwards has a very slim outside chance, and Obama might make it.  I'd take Obama over any of the other candidates.  Some of the other Democratic candidates would make good cabinet officers [e.g. Biden for Secretary of State]. 


It is alarming to me that the quality of the candidates for President of the United States is not much higher.  But we can blame ourselves for allowing this hodge-podge of mediocrity to lead our nation.  All we have learned from the stupid election of George W. Bush is that somebody like Rudy Giuliani could be elected.  Yikes!

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