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When I first heard of the April 15 tea parties, I thought they were just some low-profile propaganda began by Fox news. I thought the most popular one could be held in somebody's living room and be attended by the same number of people who would have someone like Mitt Romney over for a campaign stop. As it turned out, it was a lot bigger than that. Yet, how they were received along with their effectiveness is judged purely politically.

Liberals have been complaining for over a year that it took George Bush eight years to undo the economic gains of the last 10. Yet however unpopular George Bush was at the end of his term, Barack Obama may be heading in the same direction only a lot faster. Yes, it's time to stop blaming Bush for how things are being handled by the Obama administration. Although the economy was heading into recession towards the end of the Bush years, the deterioration of the American economy has accelerated since January. The amount of money being spent by the Obama administration is mind-boggling. And yes, it's only been 90 days. Yet the amount and scope of government money that is going to be wasted by design in the so-called stimulus bills cannot restore confidence in middle-class America.

A reporter asked President Obama in one of his so-called press conferences why the president is not asking Americans to sacrifice more. I couldn't believe it. Apparently he rose to a 40% of 401(k)s and retirement accounts is not enough. If 45% decline in the stock market is not enough. Rising taxes are not enough. The complete dismissal of bipartisanship is not enough. How can you spend your entire campaign saying that you're going to be reaching across the aisle yet force through a bunch of spending bills that will not even require Republican votes? No one is accusing Republicans of being frugal. Republicans have done their part in doubling the national debt twice in the past 20 years. However, when Democrats come up with their huge spending bills, Republican opposition is met with derogatory tags that they are the party of no. How are you supposed to come up with an alternate plan for wasteful spending? Wasting money on other programs? It may be an alternative, but it is not different.

It seems quite amazing-for lack of a better term-that so many people are beginning to revolt against huge tax increases. With the tough economic times, money should not be wasted even by the government. Paying for ugly art in tattoo removal escapes me as being useful. How does that add value to being an American? It simply the liberal agenda taking revenge at the amount of money that has been spent and possibly wasted on the war in Iraq. But spending twice the amount to get even does not make sense either. If the present trends continue, there will be a large shift to the right by the time the next elections roll around. I just hope we can all afford to wait that long.

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