Jim Doyle is Scared . . . already

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It's hard to believe that the election for governor is still a year and a half away. At that time will be a deluged with a media blitz that will be replete with muckraking, character assassinations, and mudslinging. Good old politics in Wisconsin. Although no candidates have announced yet, it is expected that Jim Doyle will be looking for a third term, and Scott Walker will be seeking the Republican nomination. Yet already, the Democrats have come out with a television commercial already aimed at Scott Walker.

Well, it doesn't take much to scare a coward. And Jim Doyle is as yellow bellied as they come. He has absolutely no backbone when it comes to responsible spending and fiscal control. He has been governor through budget after budget that has huge deficits in it. Back in 2002, he ran on a platform pledging to not raise taxes in Wisconsin. But, because he is as pusillanimous as can be, he now has to qualify his statements as being 'not raising the sales tax', 'not raising income tax on low-wage earners', and after that, he has run all of ways to spin a simple statement to not be an obvious lie. So what is left for Jim Doyle? He now has to begin taking apart the character of his would-be opponents. I guess when you're left with no integrity, no moral compass, and no political honor, you have to make your opponent look worse than you in order for you to look good. And for Jim Doyle, he is so ugly that he has to put a lot of effort into making himself look good by making others look worse. But remember, beauty is only skin deep. Integrity goes to the bone.

Scott Walker is among the only politicians-either Democratic or Republican-that has made an effort into truly keeping his word that he will not raise taxes. It's no wonder that the Democrats see him as a threat. Because of their fiscal responsibility, they have to raise taxes again and again because they cannot control their spending. When revenue is down, Democrats spending is up. Not only is a bunch of special interest items hidden in the budget, Jim Doyle is trying to slip provisions in that are going to cost jobs, provoke citizens to leave the state, and placed the burden of paying for all of this on the people who remain. Jim Doyle is also undoing the welfare reform that is designed to make people independent. Apparently Doyle wants more people to be dependent on the government. But almost think that government handouts will equal votes in return. Evidently, it's working for the unions, so Doyle is trying to expand and create more unions. For those who have a good enough work ethic to not need a union to bargain a raise for them beyond minimum wage, or to dumb everything down so that you don't have to do any independent thinking, we know what that means -- footing the bill.

By seeking a third term, Doyle can't run on a platform of change. He has to run on a more of the same platform that Democrats criticized Walker for when he was reelected as county executive. Yes, with Doyle the future will not look bright. Wisconsin's best days are either behind or further out in the future beyond a Doyle administration. This is why Doyle has to begin the mudslinging early. Way early.

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