Barry Gaffeagain Goes On Tour

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President Barack Obama took his first European trip as president of the United States. Of course, the liberal media is touting this as a huge success. It would be an even larger success of Air Force One were to come back empty.

The liberal media is tingling all over itself reporting on how well President Obama was received in Europe. He was welcomed with open arms as a fresh alternative to George Bush. But what is getting swept under the rug is the embarrassment and offenses Obama is giving to the American people. Calling the American people arrogant and selfish, in so many words, should be an insult to the citizens of this country. And it is an insult. The citizens of this country have afforded him the opportunity to become a great president at this time of great challenge. But, Obama is in over his head.

Shirking his commitment to bipartisanship, Obama continues to over expand the government and further erode in pending economic recovery by spending trillions of dollars on a regular basis. Obama should take a look at the Democrats in Congress if he wants to narrow down who the truly arrogant are. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi forged through legislation that is going to be detrimental to the future of this country. If they stand in front of cameras toting what a great future this country is going to have. The Democrats in Congress believe that they do not even have to ask the Republicans for any input. If the Democrats can shut out the Republicans at every turn, they will. Do they still think this is democracy? Well, the Republicans had better get their act together fairly quickly before this country is completely destroyed and becomes only a one party system. Organizing movements like Cap and Trade is an example of how the Democrats are pulling tax money out of our pockets. They are creating these false entities that will create huge taxes for all the citizens of this country. Yet, the Republicans are expected to offer an alternative. Alternative in this sense, means to do a smaller version called a Republican version. Yet, if the Republicans see this as a complete sham that it is, and declared that it is not needed at all, they are ridiculed as having no ideas. Which in this case is better than having a bad idea.

Obama, Teleprompter in hand, tours through Europe touting the European leadership in the world. However, Europe is hardly dominant in Europe. If international crises appear, it is the United States that is expected to show up. Obama was also a big hit with the Queen. Now, every 82-year-old woman in the world can be like the Queen just by going out and buying an iPod. What a trendsetter! Obama is being hailed as a rock star president. Another historic first for Obama. How many other world leaders are envious because they are not being referred to as rock stars? With an honor like this, I believe we should give as much honor to President Obama as we do a rock star such as Ozzy Osbourne. There must be a lot of similarities. The main one has to be that if Barack Obama is not speaking from a Teleprompter, he stammers just like Ozzy Osbourne.

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