The Polls will Lead the Way

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There seems to be more and more proof available to the political aware that Barack Obama is in over his head. As America still struggles to pull itself out of this economic crisis, Americans are also looking for leadership. Democrats have been whining for years about the shortcomings of the Bush administration and his times stay tough, they continue to blame Bush for their failings. Strong leaders will stay focused and work toward solutions. For strong leaders, it does not matter who created the mess nor does it matter who gets the credit when problems get solved. I doubt if you'll see any of that in this administration.

Barack Obama's only accomplishment of executive management prior to winning the presidency of the United States is running a campaign. So if that's the only thing that he does well, he continues to do it. Well, the election is over, Obama won, so it's time to shift gears. It's time to put into action what he promised to do on the campaign trail-get results. As his popularity numbers begin to decline, Barack Obama decides to go out on the campaign trail and campaign against Bush Cheney. It should be an easy debate -- there is no one on the opposing side.

Why is Obama going on the Jay Leno show? This makes absolutely no sense. Aren't we in the worst crisis since the Great Depression? He is also compared the situation in the Treasury Department to that of Alexander Hamilton and the Revolution. Add to that, criticism of how George Bush and the his conduct any grade school on September 11, 2001. The Democrats did not want George Bush to remain calm in a class of six-year-olds. Apparently the Democrats wanted Bush to stand up and say, "We are in the worst crisis since Pearl Harbor! More people have died this morning then at Gettysburg! The situation is worse than Pompeii! We are all going to die! Good day, children."

Obama is also lost without a teleprompter. Late-night television and the left-wing media constantly made fun of George Bush's foibles. Yes, he gave a lot. So why doesn't late-night television make fun of Brock Obama and his fumbles at the Teleprompter? Without it, he can say three words without one of them being "uh." It's becoming painful to listen to. His communications style can no longer he compared to that of Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan. His level of eloquence has also fallen off from the way he reads speeches. It's a good thing it won't have any impact on how the rest of the world sees us. Or will it?.

Obama's management style seems to be lacking also. He wanted to propose a huge stimulus package but left it to the Congress to write it. Nobody read it before it was passed and it turned into a liberal agenda bill that will not stimulate the economy for years to come. He proposed a huge budget with an even huger deficit. Will he be going through it line by line as he promised in his first campaign? It seems like he proposes legislation, leaves it to others to write it, and then goes on to a completely different matter. No follow-up, no follow through. And what does the media report? They call more attention to his NCAA bracket than they do with the important legislation of the country. Which is more important? What will have it bigger impact on the United States future come April 1?

As Obama left Washington, he placed his confidence in the secretary of the treasury, Tim Geithner. He said no one is working harder than Geithner is. Well, if he doesn't have an NCAA bracket, that may be true. However, if it is true, we're also in trouble because now we're finding out that he is also behind the deal which allowed AIG  to give a huge bonuses to its executives. Does anyone else smell a kickback? Perhaps he's trying to find a way to cheat back the money that he had to pay in taxes in order to become head of the IRS.

So, what's ahead for the Obama administration? Well, it will all depend on which direction the polls will be leaning.

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