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When George Costanza was once asked why he got out of bed in the morning, he replied, "I like to get the daily news." This is funny because it is true. I'm sure there are lots of people across America who like to get the daily news. With seemingly endless hours of local news, and with multiple channels on cable with 24 hour a day news, you would think that it would be easy to find limitless and interesting news. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Especially with local news, or seems to be a very shallow pool of items to report on. The main stories are broken into so many pieces that you cannot figure out what is actually going on because they only give you one piece at four clock, one piece at four thirty, one piece at five, one piece at six, the rest of it at ten. After six hours of trying to watch the news, you still don't know what's going on. Now the stations are cutting back. So now, instead of reporting on items such as what is going on in the world, you get a four-part series on how the snow is melting. How newsworthy! I understand that part of the reason that you can't get any objective news is that the news stations have the huge liberal bias. They completely overlooks the gaffes that President Obama does like giving DVDs to the Prime Minister of Great Britain. It doesn't disconnect on how Obama tells people that stocks are a nice bargain because they have a good profit to earnings ratio. And it overlooks items that would be of interest such as how tattoo removal is included in the stimulus package.

The media really missed  opportunity thereby showing everyone what a great idea the Democrats have come up with but using a portion of the $789 billion stimulus for tattoo removal. After all, it would certainly be a national crisis for people to walk around with outdated tattoos. How many people would like to get rid of the flag, Eagle, or other national symbol that they had tattooed after 9/11? You also have to get rid of the name of the person you were sleeping with at the time because you broke up in the tattoo did not wash off. There will be a lot of commerce involved by not only getting rid of those old tattoos but it will also make room for new tattoos like marijuana leaves, the hammer and sickle, and the person you are now living with. After all, we've got to keep up with the times!

With 12 minutes of commercials every half hour, there is scary little room for any type of programming of any kind. Plus, you don't have time for the real news when you have to report what kind of dog is going to go into the White House. You don't have time for substance when you have to concentrate on the diversion like what is going on with Rush Limbaugh. It's kind of like the truth that I found in another fictional show: Leave it to Beaver. Eddie Haskell of all people, came up with the analogy; "if you make another person look more like a goon, then you don't look so much like a goon." Even though that line is now 50 years old, it seems to have a lot of relevance. And the sad truth is, is that it is relevant for the current administration. Weren't we promised something better?

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