Limbaugh's Wait Shortened

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When Barack Obama was campaigning for president, he pledged that if elected, he would hit the ground running. It was clear that America had avoided in its leadership. George Bush left Americans yearning for leadership. It was time for change. Even though it's six weeks into the administration, it is clear that we have cut the cord from George Bush. What has happened since January in what is happening now is the responsibility of the Obama administration. It does not make sense, nor can it be considered effective leadership to continually blame George Bush for what is going on in our country today. Of course, the economy is on the forefront of everybody's mind. We are in a recession. This will now be known as Mr. Obama's recession. Unless of course it turns into a depression.

President Obama said we must act quickly to turn the economy around. He then signed into law a bill called the stimulus package that does not spend most of its money for two more years. President Obama said we must not take fiscal responsibility for the federal budget. He then proposed a budget that will quadruple the annual deficit and then work towards cutting that in half. This still means that annual deficits will be double what they were in the Bush administration. That's if he achieves this goal in four years. President Obama said we must end ear marks and then goes on to sign another bill that is replete with earmarks. President Obama may have finally realized that the stock market has plunged about 5000 points since he was elected. Obama then goes out to make a public announcement encouraging people to buy stocks. Then, of course the stock market dropped another 300 points. Who would be taking investment advice from this president?

President Obama is taking the role of an activist president. Okay, Americans may like that on the aggregate. However, every time he goes out and proposes a new government program, the economy gets worse. The stock market drops, joblessness rises, retail sales fall, and the automobile industry threatens to go bankrupt. Tax increases are on the horizon. The cap and trade tax plan is going to be a disaster for anyone who uses utilities, that would be just about everyone. Obama has completely destroyed investor confidence in America. There is absolutely no reason to buy stocks today. His ambition to redistribute wealth will reduce the wealth in America. But where is it going? It is not going to the poor. The tax plans for America have not made the wealthy happy. Again, who cares if the wealthy are happy, but on the other hand is all this expansion of government making the poor happy?

The Democrats are trying to defuse the attention that would be drawn to them about their failures by attempting to make a mockery out of a speech made by Rush Limbaugh. Democrats are trying to paint a Rush Limbaugh as the leader of the Republican Party. Well, he's not. The effective leader of the Republican Party has yet to emerge. Bobby Jindal is not the leader of the Republican Party. Neither is Sarah Palin. It is still too early to nominate the next public and for the presidency. Yes, they need some good solid ideas. But we are finding out what is not working. The current plans are accelerating the demise of the American economy. By the end of the year will everybody be flat broke and dependent on the government for a handout? We're clearly headed in that direction. That's too bad because there are 300 million people who are dependent on the success of America here in America. What happened to the optimism? What happened to the confidence that America's best days are still ahead of her? That kind of optimism has plunged faster than the Dow Jones industrial average.

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