Cole's Cold One

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I was watching a rerun of the old M*A*S*H program the other day. In this episode Charles Winchester was having a euphoric experience while talking about his cognac. This reminded me of someone else who has more than just a passing fancy with cognac-Darnell Cole. Darnell Cole, former president of MATC, recently drink eight cognacs and then when driving. This according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Nothing wrong with that, or is there?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently did a 72 part story about 72 people whose lives were affected by the consequences of drinking and driving. Sometimes do to themselves, sometimes due to others. In each case at least one life was destroyed or ended early due to the decision of thinking and driving. In the state assembly, some representatives and senators were introducing legislation that would affect how drinking and driving would be handled if you got caught. Yet for all the publicity that this issue has gotten, little will change. In Wisconsin, people like to drink and drive. It gets condoned.

This brings me back to Darnell Cole. As president of MATC, he represents the school. He is the face of MATC, if you will. His actions matter both on and off the job. Not firing him would send a message that MAG C. condones drunk driving and irresponsible behavior. What example with the set for the students? Another poor example is when the so-called leaders of the community come out and also voice their tolerance for drunk driving. Lee Holloway is in favor of drunk driving. He relies on the old worn out excuses that nobody's perfect, we all make mistakes, who hasn't done it, and so forth. Well we already know that Lee Holloway does not know right from wrong. He has condoned the taxpayer funding of the supervisors vacationed Washington DC. Even after the two supervisors were caught and pledged to reimburse the county, Holloway did not come out and say that these actions were the right thing. No, he blamed it all on Scott Walker in a poorly written letter. He doesn't get it. I don't know how he keeps getting re-elected.

When you screw up in the public eye, there are consequences. There should be. I can't figure out how Darnell Cole would want to be respected the same as a university president, and commanding a similar salary, yet it should be okay when he behaves worse than someone who barely gets a GED. MATC should not have offered him a golden parachute, but they did. Cole did not take it. He must've still been under the influence of the cognac. He got fired anyway. Now, his retirement will be a lot less. Perhaps in some strange way, there's some justice in the world.

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