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Several years ago, I saw television program featuring Lee Iacocca. He was promoting his new book; Where Have All the Leaders Gone? When asked about how he thought George Bush was doing as president, he replied, "they're in over their heads." After that, I never really had a great deal of confidence in Bush anymore. This past week, watching President Obama and his economic team fuddling through passing in stimulus plan and mumbling through a new wave of TARP money, I realized too that Barack Obama is in over his head.

As a candidate, Obama proved that he will say anything to get elected. He promised to control spending and to eliminate waste from the federal budget. In his first major piece of legislation, he demonstrated that the liberal agenda is far more important to being passed than sticking to principles that people believed he would have. The stimulus plan is about $1 trillion of pork project shifting the direction of the country toward socialism. Apparently the Democrats are interested in revenge for not getting through the programs that they wish they had gotten through in the past eight years and are going to enact them all in one day. Tuesday. As families and businesses shift their focus to cutting costs and making hard choices limiting their growth which may further deepen the current recession, the federal government has pulled out all the stops giving us unprecedented growth and undoubtedly wasteful spending. Is this enough? Of course not. The money that was supposed to be spent quickly, is being spread out over three years. At least. This way, the Democrats can lower our expectations for a fast recovery while setting themselves up for taking all the credit if the economy turns around either this year or next.

However, the Democrats in Congress would not allow its own members time to read the bill and see what is in it. Now, the president urged them to act now and act quickly. Now, at trillion dollars has been added to the deficit while a smorgasbord of liberal projects has been put on the agenda for America. The American citizens were sold the idea that all the roads and bridges are going to be modernized starting in April. If not sooner. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Bipartisanship was urged by only if the Republicans were to sell out and agree totally with the Democrat's ideas. It's kind of like the fairness doctrine-freedom is okay but only if you think the Democrat way.

I won't accuse the Democrats of being hypocrites even though they say one thing and do the other. They just want to double their chances of being correct. The president was listening to all the smart economists who said that something must be done. Something huge must be done and even this program for $1 trillion is not big enough. Unfortunately he stopped listening before the economists got to the part where they said that the GDP will begin to decline in about 10 years. That's okay with Obama, one way or another he'll be out of office by then.

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