A Deficiency of Fear

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It looks like Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail again. Instead of trying to get elected, is trying to sell us what is becoming known as the spendulous bill. If we do not buy what is being sold, it will be shoved down our throats anyway. This is in stark contrast to how he campaigned when he was seeking election to the office of the presidency. He promised time and again to go through every spending bill line by line and ensure the American people that what was being spent was going to work. Now he wants a bill passed with so much spending in it that we will not know what is in there for years to come. It is supposed to be a stimulus package to get the time he rolling immediately. However, from what we are told from the people who have looked at it, is that a lot of this will not be spent for 2 to 3 years. Are we still going to be in a recession in that amount of time? If this type of spending goes through, I imagine we would be.

If we are in this unprecedented time, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and we only know what doesn't work in stead of knowing what will work, that should certainly be the case to slow things down a little bit. Recessions normally last about 18 months. And from all the backdating that has been done to when we originally got into this recession, we should be hitting rock bottom and beginning the long climb up. Instead, we're growing the government and unprecedented rate to an unprecedented size. And from what we know from history, government does not contract. Even the presidents who promised smaller government could barely slow down the growth of government.

We elected Barack Obama because during his campaign he set out to inspire Americans to do more and to be more. To some, he inspired the unwavering confidence that this nation sorely needed. However, he is now spreading a message of gloom and doom. Is trying to convince Americans that the recession will not have an end. The only solution -- bigger government. We wanted Barack Obama to console our fears of economic worry. Instead he is inflaming them. He wants Americans to be so scared that they will not do anything except look to the government to bail them out. Is this a new age of responsibility?

Also touted in this tenuous bill is the absence of earmarks. However the whole bill consists of wish lists and other things that would normally be your marks but is all lumped together in one grand sum. The need for speed to pass the bill is trumping any scrutiny that would normally come out of needed skepticism from Congress. Somehow Congress is now deemed trustworthy with three times the amount of money that it had when we did not trust them. We are being asked to leap before we look. Any kind of wasteful spending is being deemed as stimulus. Stimulus is now the new word for commerce. One thing we do know is that some sort of bill close to $1 trillion of new debt is going to be passed and passed soon. We as Americans had all better hope that this will work. At this price paid, we cannot afford a lot of trial and error. We cannot afford the errors.

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