What is Wrong with Milwaukee Leaders?

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Leadership used to be about serving others. But in Milwaukee, leadership is all about serving yourself. Lena Taylor, a state senator who had run for Milwaukee County executive last year, seems to think that laws do not need to apply to her. She thinks having a conversation is all about talking over somebody else's words and not letting them get a word in edgewise. Therefore, if you can talk louder than the person you are talking to, you win the argument. But does that make you right?

It should be an embarrassment for a state senator to drive in such a fashion that would draw the attention of police and then argue with them and use your position to get out of the ticket. She certainly does not know the meaning of lead by example.

Lee Holloway is another person who does not know the meaning of lead by example. By approving the expenses of two County supervisors to take a taxpayer expense paid vacation to Washington DC just to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama shows complete disregard for taxpayers. The letter he wrote to County executive Scott Walker should also be an embarrassment to Holloway. In the text of his letter, he accuses Walker of exposing the story to the media causing embarrassment to the county board and requiring the to supervisors to pay back their expenses. In his poorly written letter, Holloway does not even address the issue of what is right and wrong. Apparently he cannot decipher the two himself. Writing a :-) at the end of the letter makes a complete mockery or should make a complete mockery out of his position. And the poor writing skills demonstrated by Holloway do not reflect favorable either. A comparable letter could have been better written by anyone who has had a fifth grade English class. Is Lee Holloway dumber than a fifth grader? He seems to have proved that.

Yes public-service used to be about having ethics and leadership qualities. Politics used to be a noble profession. Nowadays, politics is all about getting whatever you can for yourself out of the taxpayers. If you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, all you have to do is apologize and fork over the dough that you would have paid in the first place. All is forgotten, all is forgiven. Plus, the politicians have such a low expectation of the intelligence of the voter today, they can get reelected because the voter will not remember the lack of scruples they have demonstrated. It's just too bad if the voter lives up to this expectation.

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