State Tax Raising Propaganda

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The Journal Sentinel the other day, proved my point of a liberal tax-and-spend bias that is taking over the media today. Of course, I'm not due all the credit, this is been widely known for years now. However, when it is so blatant, it almost makes people sick.

There was a front-page story wonderfully spun about how raising taxes on hospitals is going to benefit so many people. This type of propaganda cannot possibly have a bad side. Or so were led to believe. With the huge budget deficit, we are once again going to be propagandized to death (or rather to debt) about what a good thing it would be if taxes were only higher in this state. Jim Doyle to responsibly let state spending explode in this state in the past couple of years having absolutely no forethought that tough times lay ahead. There were no rainy days ever in the forecast while he expanded bureaucracies and spent like never before believing he could only receive admiration while the state's financial future slid into uncertainty. Of course, who would object because he was only helping the children.

The state now is absolutely no fiscal restraint if it thinks it is doing something to help the children. The Journal Sentinel also has run a story in multi-parts on how people are ripping off the state by taking huge amounts of money in the name of day care. If it comes to helping children, we are supposed to open our wallets even further than we ever have before believing we are securing our future for goodness. Yet we can see where millions of dollars were given fraudulently to people for taking care of children who may or may not exist of parents who may or may not have a job. Yet no money will be returned and no criminal charges filed. The taxpayer once again has been screwed. And the only way to get out of this is to raise taxes again. The state of the state is poor. especially  at the top.

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