County Government Mis-spends Again

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Reporting that Milwaukee County government is again wasting taxpayer money is becoming about as newsworthy as saying that the sun is going to rise in the East. Unfortunately it gets about as much reaction as that headline. Having to Milwaukee County supervisors schedule a taxpayer financed vacation to Washington DC to watch Barack Obama become the 44th president is about as coincidental as the two supervisors thinking that the citizens of Milwaukee County are stupid enough to believe they are story. Toni Clark and Elizabeth Coggs should be ashamed of themselves. They should be made pay back the County for the expense of their trip and should resign from office. That is the only way that they will be prevented from doing it again. I did just see a news story where they were going to pay back the County. They should. The scumbags ought to resign too. It's too bad that they couldn't do the right thing before getting caught and having some bad publicity.

Lee Holloway didn't show any leadership either by not questioning the intent of this trip. He should resign too. He has no business drawing up a list to get stimulus money. Scott Walker was elected county executive and if he chooses not to do so, amen. Tax and spend liberals across the county want to glom on to any money with the intent of spending it on a light rail boondoggle that will bankrupt the County in the years to come. In this economy, people who have lost their jobs are not going to take light rail to go to construction jobs to build roads and bridges. Who will be using the roads and bridges after the Obama administration builds them all? Tax-and-spend Democrats want to get the stimulus bill passed quickly before anybody has time to think about it. I heard one estimate say that it is going to take 4 to 8 years to get out of the current recession. Does this mean that the economy would be recovering on its own? In eight years the business cycle could return to one of growth and expansion of GDP. Does this mean we will spend trillions for programs that will have no effect? I am only glad that these huge deficits will be imposed on future generations.

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