Governmental Obedience

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The educational system in America leads us to believe that the citizens of this great country have complete unbridled liberty to agree or disagree with the government and have absolutely no consequences provided you are not a direct threat to the personal safety of anyone in government. We are led to believe that the government takes no direction in education of the citizens of this country in terms of propagandizing the American way. Throughout her school years we scoffed at governments who had done this in the past such as the Soviet Union, Germany prior to World War II, and most recently Iraq. Although we believe this to be true, it is time to examine whether this is the actual practice here in the United States and what its role will be in a new administration.

Although the Constitution declares the government to have three distinct branches, the media has often been described as the fourth branch of government. Although its role as been deemed to objectively report news events and political happenings without bias, it is less true today than it has been in more than a century. The media, i.e. radio, TV, newspapers, are largely viewed as being left wing. This easily describes the left-wing bias in the past eight years which is produced countless stories of how George Bush has failed the American people in his presidency. This also provides explanation for the amount of hope and dream and lowered expectations for our next president. Of course the change takes place Tuesday, and it will be unclear as to when we will be returning to reality.

We are clearly in sobering times. However government is expecting everyone to be in lockstep with the changes that may or may not be coming quickly and may or may not solve the problems facing America today. We are being asked to be patient. Is this a euphemism for saying that the solutions being enacted are not going to work? We are planning on running up huge deficits that are going to be good for America even though deficits of previous years that were only one third the size were deemed as evil. Why the change? No explanation will be offered -- okay? When the cabinet hearings are bringing out skeletons from the closets that would in previous administrations forced withdrawal of the candidacy of the prospective cabinet member, however this year, we are supposed to give them a pass. Sure, we all make honest mistakes, but until this year, we did not trust people in government because they made this honest mistakes. We are being duped into believing that whatever action is taken is going to be good because the fear of doing nothing is going to be worse. Fear mongering does not instill trust in government. What is really being done?

This year also brings a shift in how we view government. Government used to be too big, too expensive, and too intrusive. It was viewed as big brother. Big Brother peering into our private affairs. Now government is big daddy. Big sugar daddy. He forgives all mistakes, and hands out money like our weekly allowance in the form of bailouts and stimulus plans. No need to worry, daddy will protect us from the forces of evil. As the days of questioning authority are giving way to questioning nothing, it is unclear what the short-term future will hold. It's no wonder that analysts are forecasting 2009 to be worse than 2008. The group that we now deem as being in charge and in power do not want their actions analyzed. It would be a threat to them if we were to stand back and analyze what is actually going on. We no longer want freethinking. We want obedient workers.

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