A Cabinet Full of Crooks

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Okay, nobody's perfect. Except for the possible exception of Barack Obama who was presented to us as the Messiah by the Democrats. His inauguration as the most anticipated date since Easter. Not Easter of last year, but the first Easter when Christ rose from the dead. When Obama began organizing his economic team, he was praised by selecting the smartest group of people since Milton Friedman and John Maynard Keynes. He chose  Tim Geithner to head the Treasury Department. And now Geithner is under some scrutiny for not paying taxes.

Fellow Democrats have come out in support of Tim Geithner. This of course means they are also lying for him. Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader called the nonpayment of taxes an honest mistake. He referred to the investigation as a hiccup. What a bunch of baloney! It would've made more sense to come out and say that the person will be heading the IRS did not understand the tax form. Maybe this should be something that we all can try. Let's all not pay our taxes and claim that we had the hiccups.(Do not take this as tax advice.) I would think the people that are so glad to be rid of George Bush would hold the new administration to a higher standard. For years, people have written about how they loathed George Bush and his administration for the actions they have taken with the federal government. If we want to start fresh, let's set a better standard for everyone in the new administration. It's time to lead by example. If they don't, they will further prove that the only promised anything and everything just to get elected. It may not be too long until again we are suffering through another president with a 26% approval rating.

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