New Year's Resolutions

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As we cross the threshold from 2008 to 2009, the time comes for many people to write down some New Year's resolutions. And of course, they always include the perennial lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking, swear less, etc. etc. etc. And because these New Year's resolutions primarily focus on our bad habits, the things we wish to change about ourselves to make us better some how, usually last for about two weeks. Whether that is good or bad, I don't know. Focusing on bringing ourselves of bad habits is usually doomed to failure. So why even do it?

I don't advocate making New Year's resolutions however, if you would allow me to toss out a suggestion that may set an attitude, a word of caution, to set a tone for 2009 albeit it is still negative. Here it is: beware of the tax and spend liberals. Yes, they were all happily elected a month or so ago and now in January, the new government sessions began in the tax-and-spend liberals will be glad as can be to raise every tax that they can.

On the state level, we are facing a huge budget deficit. Press releases out this week are warming us up for state increases in the property tax. They just can't keep it this low. Also returning will be the hospital bed tax. Higher fees may return for licenses, automobile titles, and of course that very low registration fee that went up 40% just last year. Gov. Doyle will make a plea for newly inaugurated Pres. Obama to remember Wisconsin as part of a national bailout. Of course, if any money comes our way, it will not be enough to erase the deficit. Doyle will try a guilt trip to convince the citizens of Wisconsin that cutting services will ruin the quality of life as we know it. We will have to pony up more and more money because it will help the children. Local governments will also feel the squeeze and tried to get the citizens to vote themselves higher property taxes to improve the schools. Again, this will also help the children. Research polls conveniently return numbers that high percentages of citizens will agree to paying higher taxes if it will improve services directly such as the parks and public transportation. Of course they would, but higher taxes always means more waste. Bureaucrats at all levels of government would love to get their hands on more of your money so that they can spend it as they see fit. After all, you earned it -- they should spend it.

It is mind boggling the amount of money that is being wasted by governments. He wants taxpayers to pay more, but does he offer to take a reduction in salary? Not on your life. Tax-and-spend liberals believe that higher salaries will bring in better talent. How much talent is under Doyle's bald pate? I don't know, but I do know it is replaceable.

The age of bailouts still places the onus of recompense on the citizens. The benefits of higher taxes will not be easily seen, and like the bailouts, we will be duped into not looking for benefits for a long while. And by that time, another tax increase could be coming our way. Yes, this is not an optimistic way to start the year, but I do believe it is realistic. Every elected official that we trusted to represent us in their respective office, going to do what they can to raise taxes as high as they can, as fast as they can. They will not see a fee they do not like and they will not see a tax they do not wish to hike. So go ahead and quit exercising, have a few beers. Have a cigarette like Barack Obama. Return to cussing while keeping the resolution to fend off unnecessary tax increases. 2009 is going to be an expensive year.

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