Obama to deny Wrongdoing

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In what most must consider a surprise move, Barack Obama has denied all wrongdoing from his staff in the senate seat for sale scandal. This must come as is shock to anyone who has even a passing fancy with politics. One can almost visualize how this story rolled out: Obama calls on his transition team to gather in a room, Obama stands up and says, "If anyone is involved raise your hand." No hands go up. Obama then asks for his office of the president-elect placard and the press release begins. It becomes as anticipated as a Nostradamus prediction.

And what's up with that Caroline Kennedy appointment? There are actual reports questioning her qualifications for U.S. Senate. This seems somewhat unbelievable, after all, she's going after Hillary Clinton's seat. Isn't the Kennedy name qualifications enough? What do Senators do anyway? After reviewing the accomplishments of the last couple of congresses, it is apparent that they do not do very much. If she is unqualified for office and has no experience, she should fit right in with Obama.

Yes, 2009 is going to be an interesting year in politics.

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