Democrats tell us the Truth ( they say)

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In a few short weeks, all of the excessive ballyhooing from the Democrats who claim that George Bush is the worst president ever may soon have their own crow to eat. The reprise of a Democratic administration may have the characteristic of our most recent Democratic president-the continual scandal. There was a prediction made by a prominent media person in Milwaukee who has claimed that whenever a Democrat runs on a platform of reform, they turn out to be more corrupt than what they believe they would be flushing out. I thought this was a gutsy move by predicting this, however I do not find myself disagreeing.

This weeks news story concerning filling the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama is showing us that ethical politics do not often come out of Illinois. It doesn't make sense anymore to rehash the Tony Rezko, Rev. Wright, and the rest which were ignored largely during the campaign. However, like these individuals, scandals have a way of distancing themselves from Barack Obama much like a Nostradamus prediction. Once the scandal breaks, Obama makes a statement saying that he had no contact or communication with the wrongdoer, and the meetings, conversations, and everything else gets expunged from the public's mind. Although nobody sees it coming, the rape thing seems to have gotten done in hindsight. Figure that out.

Pay for play politics has been seen here in Wisconsin. Although it has ended the political careers of the couple of would-be governors, we cannot excuse it by saying that things are worse in Illinois. Wisconsin had a reputation for having clean government compared to the rest of the states, but now that does not seem as evident as it once did. Ethical behavior does not have a lot of wiggle room. You either are or you aren't. Just about every four years we elect a president who claims to want to bring honor and respect back to the office of the president. And at the end of the four years, a candidate can run on the same platform-bringing honor and respect back to the office of the presidency. Does anyone notice a pattern here?

The problems of America have to be met with courage and fortitude. No president will be able to lead from a position of strength if you must defend his character and deny his associations. America has been screaming for strong leadership for several years now. America has demonstrated that it wants to look to the president for leadership and for solutions to the problems that are now facing America. I guess this is easier than trying to work on your own problems yourself. Unfortunately too many people want to view themselves as victims of circumstances instead of realizing that no one is really coming to the rescue. Americans are not going to be bailed out directly. Not by this president, and not by the next.

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