Poll Results Come at Right Time

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Just when I thought that these so-called advisory referendum for the countywide sales tax was based on people not understanding the question because it was written in a way that was set to produce a predetermined result, a new poll comes out which is even more slanted and producing even more misdirected results for the casual observer. And of course this poll was taken to days after this "advisory"referendum was voted on. From Monday's Journal Sentinel:

  • "If you knew that the majority of metro areas in the United States fund transit by sales tax and that a portion of southeastern Wisconsin's sales tax is paid by visitors from outside the region, which of the following would you prefer be the primary source of funding for public transit services in Southeast Wisconsin: Sales taxes, paid on all non-essential consumer purchases; payroll taxes, paid by all who work in the region; property taxes, paid only by property owners; or vehicle registration fees, paid by vehicle owners?" (47% picked sales taxes, far more than any other option.)
  • "Some people have suggested expanding public transit in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties. If you knew that transit was seen as a top priority for the economic future of our region by top business and economic development leaders, would you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose expanding public transit in this region?" (78% voiced some degree of support.)

Boy, these results will really clear things up for us. It seems like everyone wants higher taxes just to produce more public transportation that will be going largely unused. What could be a better deal? Voting for a $130 million tax increase while only seeking $67 million in tax relief? 30 years ago, Gov. Lee Dreyfus had a surplus in the Wisconsin budget and gave it back to the people, the taxpayers of Wisconsin. Now, of course, there is no surplus in the Wisconsin budget. Reports of a $5 billion deficit are a whole other story. But if we replace a tax levy of $67 million with a tax levy of $130 million, even though these will be differently collected, there is still a lot of money that is not being accounted for at present. Apparently Lee Holloway and the Milwaukee County government board just want to have a field day and spend our money any way they wish. Doing it under the guise of helping the poor get to work. It would be a noble effort if it was not such a fantastic lie.

It's time to have another referendum. Let's have another referendum on if we should raise the sales tax in Milwaukee County. If the referendum from last week had been voted down, the tax-and-spend liberals would have already suggested this. Or they would've gone to their alternate tax levy, the wheel tax. They only have two ideas. Neither which are any good. It's time to stop tax increases at the county level. County government cannot manage the money they have now. They are already spending too much-just take a look at the pension fiasco. So, before we march had strong into the wrong decision like the county board did at the time with the pension scandal, it's time to stop this tax increase. It's time for new ideas. If they are coming from the present county board, it's time for a new county board.

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