Vote No for Sanity

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On election day, the tax-and-spend liberals a Milwaukee County are ready willing and able to do whatever it takes to insult its citizens, lie to the taxpayers," under estimate the intelligence of the people of Milwaukee County. Yes, they are trying to trick you into believing their lies that they will actually reduce the tax burden in the county. They want us to believe that they are actually going to reduce property taxes by measurable amounts. As we've seen in the past, nothing is further from the truth. They want you to volunteer for a high sales tax. The tax-and-spend liberals of Milwaukee County must believe that if you are going to elect Barack Obama as president, you are already geared up for higher taxes, so let's just throw the sales tax into the mix. It's your vote.

However, they are expecting a windfall of the sales tax just like the County Stadium District tax. The amounts coming in are higher than the projections. If the sales taxes tripled, like they want it, the County Board will be a wash in funds. They can spend it however they want because much more is coming in than expected so there's a lot to be wasted. The Milwaukee journalsentinel also has run some editorial letters in favor of the tax. Although that does not surprise me, I disagree with the nonchalant attitude of saying we have gotten past the pension scandal so let's get past that and raise our taxes anyway. Again this is an example of the tax-and-spend liberal who is only paying the minimum yet wants everyone else to pay more.

Until the pension scandal is reversed and corrected, it is morally wrong to ask the citizens to pay more. If members of the County Board are not able to figure out a way to manage the money that they now get, they need to resign and let someone else do the job and do it right. That would be responsible government. And I'm not finding it in large quantities when looking at the County Board. If they want to make a tax Island, I will certainly he willing to jump ship. As much as I love the Lowe's and Menard's stores that are close to me, I can just as easily drive to Menomonee Falls and Germantown or Grafton to shop the home improvement stores there. Even if gas prices go back up to four dollars a gallon, I will do it on principle is to thumb my nose at Holloway.

Of course the wording of the proposal is set to trick you into agreeing with the rosy thought of getting $67 million in tax relief. He just agree to increase the sales tax 1%. And by not reading carefully 67 being a big number on the receiving end and one being a small number, that's on the giving end so everything must be okay. And so, fellow citizens, if you are stupid, vote yes, and have your tax burden increase. We're not getting out of paying any taxes, you're just being more in a different form. Under a different name. You're also losing the tax-deductible at the of the property tax by choosing a sales tax. It doesn't make any sense, but then it's not supposed to. You would be falling for the tricks of corrupt politicians and playing into their hands. And leaving your money in their hands.

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