Presidency for Sale

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Both four and eight years ago, the Republicans outspent the Democrats in the presidential race. When this happened, the Liberals got out and yelled "foul!" Democrats accused Republicans of buying and stealing the elections. However, this year is different. This year the Democrats are outspending the Republicans by wide margins. Barack Obama is outspending John McCain by huge amounts. I don't know what the totals are because that would involve research. And my associate here at Logos of the Bogus just went off for his afternoon nap.

An Obama administration is gearing up to raise taxes. Vice presidential nominee Joe Biden thinks that this is patriotic. The tax-and-spend liberals must have a lot of money. They can send donations to the Obama camp and still have money left over for higher taxes. This would not bother me except they are the ones who want to force tax increases on me too. Obama thinks he can save 10 billion dollars per month by not spending it in Iraq. This is how he will however, Obama also wants to rebuild the infrastructure of the United States with the same amount of money being spent in Iraq. I don't see how this adds up. Saving money yet spending it.

If these tax-and-spend liberals want to help the poor by making more of them, why don't they spend the money they are using for buying the presidency? A half billion dollars could buy a bridge. It could even buy a bridge to somewhere. Think of all the books and classes and breakfasts that the children could have had while watching their educational cartoons instead of watching a Barack Obama commercial. Think of the vaccinations that could've save children's lives, think of the prescriptions that could've been filled for senior citizens. Think of the subsidies that could've gone to rich farmers. Oh, what a waste.

The Democrats are so confident that they are going to take the White House that they are now concentrating their efforts on winning a super majority in the Senate. They will force through their socialism programs and have you paying higher health care costs in the form of taxes, higher income taxes, and higher fuel prices before Groundhog Day. Americans will soon be asking, "where are the tax refunds?"The refundable ones of course, not the ones where you have to pay in to get something back.

Will you be better off four years from now? A better question would be, will we be able to return to a capitalist society? Liberals have become nostalgic for the era of Roosevelt and how government spending got the United States out of the great depression. They somehow conveniently forget that this was done with huge budget deficits and a lust for communist society. The session with communism ended with the Joe McCarthy hearings some 20 years later. The liberals want to end the era of deregulation along with a private ballot. Can control of the media and books in the library (if we still have them) be far behind? Liberals are looking forward to Tuesday when Barack Obama wins the electoral college 538 to 0. In 2012 he may be reelected with about 99% of the vote. These types of margins are possible because they have been accomplished in countries like the Soviet Union and Cuba. This is the change we need?

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