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The presidential debates had not produced a memorable moment or a knockout punch. Although in the last debate, one of the more memorable moments I think, was a Freudian and slip by John McCain. He referred to Sen. Obama and Sen. Government. But there's too much truth in that line to chuckle and forget.

If the polls hold up, and they are correct, neither of which can be guaranteed, America could be facing a watershed moment. We could be in a time changing time, the likes we have not seen in many years. We could be facing the most liberal and the most expansive government growth in 45 to 75 years. Apparently people's distrust of government is over. The era of government being too big, too invasive and too costly as ended. We will not enter the era of shared wealth.

A larger, costlier, more intrusive government is on the horizon. People like Joe Biden are going to be creating government policy requiring all Americans to do things like he does. For instance, Joe does not donate to charities. His tax returns that were released to the public reflect this claim. Instead, he believes it is more patriotic for all Americans to pay taxes-more taxes. This way the government will decide what to do with the money you earn. A lot has been said about Joe the plumber this past week. Joe was asking Barack Obama about how his tax policy would affect his business and future plans for achieving what was called the American dream. Barack Obama, flubbed his answer and gave an insight to how Obama thinks. Obama believes America is better off when we "share the wealth." Soon after this statement was made, Democrats began investigating Joe the plumber. They decided that they do not like him now. Just because he favors McCain? No, it is because he has not given enough money to the government to satisfy the Democrats. In two days time, they have found out that he does not have a license and is arrears in his taxes. This from the same group that cannot find anything wrong with Bill Ayres.

The American dream is over. It will no longer be worth your effort to work towards your goals and achieve your financial freedoms. The government will now take that away. Once we socialize more industries like the healthcare industry, you can bet your hard earned dollar that the threshold for those who are going to be considered rich is going to fall well below $250,000. With a government bailout that is just past, fiscal year 2009 is going to have a $700 billion deficit and may be as high as $1 trillion according to some estimates. With the perennial call to not leave to to any debt to future generations, you can also bet that a tax increase will come to reduce the trillion dollar deficit. With huge spending increases on the horizon, the past few administrations are going to be looking very fiscally responsible. And we know how fiscally responsible they have been in an absolute scale.

It's going to get a lot more expensive to live here in America. It's going to be more expensive not because of the cost of freedom, but because of the cost of socialism and the direction that America is being taken. Is this the change we need? Is this the change we can believe in? Hopefully the Republicans can field a better candidate in four years to reverse the policies that could be coming. With increased majorities in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, a lack of new policies could be coming our of Congress. Are we going to get better results from Nancy Pelosi and she has given in the past two years? Her approval rating is lower than George Bush's. The liberal media keeps forgetting about that statistic.

Are we going to be better off four years from now than we are today? In a presidential race, that's always a good question to ask. However, the solutions that are being bandied about today are not increasing my level of trust for government. With all that's going on, how can I be expected to believe that I am going to receive a tax cut? The middle class is assumed to be so stupid that they will buy this line hook, line and sinker. I still have not received the one promised to me by Bill Clinton.

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