Sharing the Wealth

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We are now entering the final three weeks of on over two year presidential campaign. What started out as a breath of fresh air, a new era of history, and an open campaign has become a whimpering pile of negativity. The campaigns started out covering issues of immigration and the war in Iraq. It has now moved on to the economy-which it should. Most presidential elections are decided on the economy even in times of war.

Elections have been decided when times were good and when times were bad. In tough economic times, the party in power has generally been changed. This time will be no different. The Democrats are gearing up for a victory and of realigning election. However, they have been the majority party in Congress over two years, and their approval rating is lower than the president's. And that's nothing to be proud of.

Change. Change for change's sake. Americans think they want it. And they think they're going to get it. Armchair economists who were explaining the price of gas is simple supply and demand have forgotten about economic cycles of growth and recession. The chairman of the Federal Reserve has been steering the policy of this economy to do anything to avoid a recession. Even if it means inflation. As we learned in Econ 101, economic cycles come and go. Inflation is forever.

We are also entering an unprecedented. Up socializing our economy. Americans of both parties debated the good and the bad of socializing the health care system. In the meantime, it was the banks who are being socialized. The American automobile industry may not be far behind. Seekers of job security are turning to the government for support. Meanwhile, small businesses seem to be on their own. Large businesses can do whatever they want. If they have huge profits, it's traditional to reward the CEO and top levels of management. If losses come, it would be better to bankrupt the company because then the federal government will look at it and consider a large business too big to fail and either send large amounts of tax dollars to it or socialize it. This is the new American dream. It stemmed from a nightmare.

People who cannot afford their bills are being bailed out. Those who were responsible by not overextending themselves and being responsible to their families by not going bankrupt are being screwed. Is this the future of America? Tax breaks for this stupid? Those who are responsible are left to pay because they can. Those who are responsible are left to pay because they will. This is the Democrat's plan for redistributing income. And it's called redistributing wealth. Are you gullible enough to buy it? I hope not.

In the next 3 to 6 months, the 2012 presidential campaign will probably begin. The last one wasn't long enough. And of course the issues will be: health care, tax breaks for the middle class, and keeping Social Security from going broke. There may even be some extremists out there as third-party candidates who will be calling for the privatization of the banks, the privatization of the automobile industry (referring to Honda and Toyota of course) and offshore drilling. You have four years to prove me wrong.

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