School's Out?

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Barely 3 weeks into the school year, and the school board in the city of Milwaukee has given up.  I am presuming that the school board is made up of elected people who had been sent to Washington with the task of making the schools in Milwaukee better.  No, wait.  They have been elected to stay right here in Milwaukee with the task of bettering the schools.  In one of the most blatant and ignorant attestations, the school board wants us to believe that they are going to dissolve the Milwaukee public school district.

What exactly are they trying to prove?  Is this a left-wing example of how they intend to get the citizens to all hold hands and declare that they will joyfully pay more in taxes?  Did they except the challenge and think that things would be easy?  Are they going to quit their positions, yet still collect a paycheck?  What do they believe is their accountability?  I'd like some answers.  However, I don't care that much because I do not live in Milwaukee.

If Schooling Milwaukee's youth is too hard, I guess we'll just have to give up.  After all, half the students drop out.  The other half will probably be stupid if they graduate, and who's ever left is not going to work and return Milwaukee to its greatness -- as beer capital of the world.  Are the schools going to be closed?  Here's a solution for everyone: close the school and keep collecting the taxes.  This will really help the city.  By not spending money on the schools, the taxes can now go to the parks and to the buses.  The children can take the buses to the parks.  They can push each other on the swings.  The sun will shine,, the grass will be green and little Norman Rockwell will take a picture and text it to his playmates. With the big drop in expenditures, the city will not have to increase their wheel tax next year. They won't even have to push for the sales tax increase this fall.  It's a win-win situation.

Well, there you have it, school board.  Now he won't have to think of solutions for the betterment of Milwaukee's youth.  He won't have to think of solutions until your head hurts again.  With drastic action like this, how can the citizens of the city of Milwaukee not want to volunteer to open up their wallets and pour money into the tax system to revive the failing school system?  After all, it's for the children.

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