Let's All Vote for Change!

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Everyone who is running for office this year has adopted the same slogan: change. As a grade school student soon to decide that political science would be my life's work, the teacher divided the electorate into two major classes; conservatives and liberals.  Conservatives usually ran on the status quo.  They like things the way they. Liberals want change. They do not like things the way they are.

Barack Obama has been campaigning with the slogan of changed since the beginning of his presidential bid.  Although he has not defined, what change would mean, he wants the electorate to agree with him on one basic premise: change  = good.  We have 49 days to find out if we agree.

John McCain has now also adopted the change mantra for his campaign.  Is his change for the better?  We have 49 days to find out if we agree.

What's still missing from this campaign?  A good understanding of the issue is, of course.  Instead, we have been bombarded by negativism and diversion.  Does anybody really know where these candidates stand on the economy?  Taxation?  National security?  Instead of being spoon fed our politics in 20 second sound bites, like the MTV nation we have become, we have to look things up on the Internet like a bunch of millennials.  Shouldn't this stuff  be texted to us?  After reading Logos of the Bogus, we don't have time to go to everybody else's web site and read their manifesto.

After what has become the longest presidential race so far in our history, it should seem ridiculous that we don't know who these candidates are, or what they stand for.  Yet we do.  Every few days, our world is rocked either by events in foreign lands, economic instability in our own, or the weather.  People are looking for answers.  People are looking from assistance from the government.  Can it be provided?  Will it be provided?  People are looking for stability in an unstable world.  Will these solutions be brought to us in a comprehensive, cost-efficient, unbiased, caring, fashion?  Will we have the answer in 49 days?  We will probably be asking the same questions again on November 5th.

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